Maddocks Farm Organics is the only organic edible flower specialist in the UK, growing more than 200 different varieties of edible flowers and numerous garnishes. Supplying Michelin-starred chefs, London's top wedding cake makers, as well as ordinary people who just want to buy a box of flowers to decorate a cake for afternoon tea, every box of edible flowers is picked to order by owner, Jan. The number of customers who come back and say that, not only do the flowers taste amazing, but that they also smell amazing is huge.


Jan’s knowledge means that she can offer a very personal service to her customers who are designing specific dishes for competitions or specific events. She advises on the flowers which create the best flavour combinations, from citrus flavoured flowers for fish to spicy mustards for game, making them an integral part of the dish. Maddocks Farm aims to make edible flowers better understood and to take flowers from being just a garnish to a culinary ingredient in their own right.


The Farm is licensed with the Soil Association. Jan chose to grow organically out of a long-held belief that growing plants slowly and working with nature results in an end product that tastes and looks better. Flowers growing in the sunlight are more vibrant than those artificially forced in glasshouses. A large variety of edible flowers cannot be washed due to their delicate nature, therefore they cannot be sprayed with insecticides or herbicides because these are harmful if eaten by humans. The farm attracts insects in abundance, including both domestic and wild honey bees.


Jan states categorically that she has the best job in the world.  She works in a field, surrounded by stunning flowers in the most beautiful part of the UK with views across Dartmoor

Photo Credit: Neil White