Paul Burton set up Salt Box in September 2015, to provide artisan butchery and charcuterie teaching, training and workshops to food professionals and the general public. With the focus on method and technique he aims to provide teaching that is grounded in science whilst respectful to tradition. Paul also runs the Butchery Department at Source Food Hall and Cafe in St. Nicolas Market in Bristol, specialising in bespoke butchery and dry aged meat. 

Charcuterie, now considered a luxury food found in high end deli's, has more humble roots. It is a practice that came about through necessity. Every culture the world over that has domesticated the pig has found a myriad of ways to preserve and fully utilise the carcass. All with the common aim of providing nourishment and sustenance throughout the year. 

In this modern world of pre-packed food, fridges and freezers we do not have the same need to break down carcasses, salt, cure, air-dry, confit and bottle food at home. However these skills deeply enrich our culinary repertoire, whilst bringing great pleasure in their execution. They also tap into a timeless place of craft and convivial activity which is so desperately absent in our ready-meal lives of convenience. It is this appreciation of craft, tradition and ingredients that is central to all the teaching and workshops from Salt Box.