From the very beginning of my career I learned that consistency in cooking is the key to keeping customers happy and, if it is what you are looking for, accolades.

Chefs have the ability to create food that wows customers due to the experience they have gained working their way through the ranks in the kitchen, as well as cooking different ethnicity cuisines - although this only comes with time and is the reason why I am excited by food development.

I have spent the past eight years working for organic farms, food manufacturers, flavour manufacturers and wholesalers, and unlike in the catering trade, armies of workers work around the clock to create and manufacture your favourite ready meals and desserts without having gained the experience chefs would in their career, this is where food development comes in.

Using the right type of raspberry for that special cheesecake, whether it be Scottish or Chilean, picking the right batch of organic spelt flour with the right protein levels following a good harvest, or going for the Greek extra virgin olive oil because the acidity is just right and it has a mouthfeel to match what a retailer is looking for, are the reasons why I wake up every day and cannot wait to get to work.